ARWEN Less Lethal

New weapon for Tac Team

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Calgary Tac Team officers have added a new weapon to their arsenal to fight crime.


The unit is training to use the ARWEN 37 or Anti Riot Weapon Enfield.


The weapon is manufactured in Ontario and fires hard plastic bullets at 242 feet per second.


Police say that it’s like getting hit with a powerful pro-hockey style slap shot.


“After one round it’s going to feel like excruciating pain, it’s going to sound like they’ve been shot, and feel like they’ve been shot, said Tactical Unit Officer Constable Russ Velker


The ARWEN 37 is not intended to replace the taser, but officials say the weapon is a less lethal alternative.


Each unit costs about $4500 and only Tac Team members will be trained on its use.

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