ARWEN Less Lethal

Halifax police upgrading weapons that
haven’t been deployed for 20 years

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Halifax Regional Police issue tender for ARWEN 37 Mark III or approved alternative

Brett Ruskin · CBC News · Posted: Aug 14, 2015 6:00 AM AT | Last Updated: August 16, 2015

Halifax Regional Police have issued a tender that includes ARWEN 37 Mark III Less-Lethal weapon system. (Police Ordnance Company Ltd)

The Halifax Regional Police are seeking to add some unique weapons to their arsenal, even though they have similar firearms that haven’t been deployed for 20 years.

A tender published Thursday seeks a supplier of two “Anti-Riot Non-Lethal Launcher Weapons” and specifically requests an ARWEN 37 Mark III or approved alternative.

While the purchased weapons will be new, the police force has had similar guns at their disposal for more than two decades. “It isn’t anything new,” said Insp. Lindsay Hernden. “We’re simply replacing something old with some newer upgraded equipment.”

This specialized equipment isn’t used very often, he said. “We have not yet had need to deploy the device in 20 years.” Police say the weapons aren’t required.

The riot guns fill a similar need as a Taser, but with a longer range. “This tool allows you to maintain greater distance from the actual threat that’s beyond that of the reach of the typical taser,” Hernden said.

The exact price for the pair of guns won’t be known until bids are received. The window for contractors to submit bids closes Aug. 26.

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