ARWEN Less Lethal

SIU investigating Sudbury officer’s discharge of an anti-riot weapon at suspect

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Man, 43, was allegedly seen holding a hatchet and was not seriously injured after an Anti-Riot Weapon Enfield was deployed twice

The province’s Special Investigations Unit is on the case after a Greater Sudbury Police Service officer shot a 43-year-old man with an Anti-Riot Weapon Enfield (ARWEN) on Thursday.

While the man does not appear to have been seriously injured, the SIU’s mandate has been invoked because a police officer discharged an ARWEN, which is classified as a firearm even though it fires what is considered less-lethal munitions. 

Under the Special Investigations Unit Act, a firearm is defined as a barreled weapon from which any shot, bullet or other projectile can be discharged and that is capable of causing serious bodily injury or death to a person.

On Wednesday, GSPS officers responded to an apartment unit on Second Avenue North in relation to a domestic dispute. A person of interest — the 43-year-old man —was no longer at the home when officers arrived.

At approximately 3:45 p.m. on Thursday, officers learned the man was at an apartment on Grenadier Drive. 

Upon arriving at the ground-floor apartment unit, officers instructed the man to come out of the residence, but he refused to do so.

At 7:30 p.m., officers observed the man through a window holding a hatchet in his hand. 

One of the officers deployed his ARWEN at the man twice.

The man was taken into custody and transported to the police station.  

Three investigators and one forensic investigator have been assigned to the case.

The SIU is urging anyone who may have information about this investigation, including video or photos, to contact the lead investigator at 1-800-787-8529 or online here

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