ARWEN Less Lethal


To ensure our customers have the most effective less lethal technologies to manage risk and protect human lives.


In partnership with our customers, we strive to deliver the most effective less lethal technologies and training, based upon the principles of continuous improvement, client support and experience.


In accomplishing our Vision and Mission, we strive to uphold the core values of reliability, accountability, excellence and professionalism.

A Time Tested Standard of Excellence

Since it was first designed by Britain’s Royal Small Arms Factory in 1979 the ARWEN has set the standard for all less lethal systems.


British Government directs the Royal Small Arms Factory Enfield to design an improved crowd control system.


A team at RSAF Enfield led by Norman Brint produces three prototypes to be considered for further development. After initial testing the Enfield XL76E1 is chosen for further development under the name ARWEN 37 (Anti Riot Weapon Enfield 37mm)


The ARWEN 37 Mk 1 officially enters large scale production.


The British government privatizes RSAF Enfield along with all other Royal Ordnance Factories into the Royal Ordnance plc (public limited company)

New Ownership

Royal Ordnance plc sold to British Aerospace plc on April 22


A single shot version of the ARWEN, the ARWEN ACE, enters into field trials overseen by the Infantry Trials and Development Unit at the School of Infantry in Warminster, England.

Canadian Connection

Police Ordnance Company Inc., under the ownership of Brian Kirkey, becomes the Canadian distributor for ARWEN products.

Police Ordnance Company Inc.

Police Ordnance Company Inc. purchases all trademarks and patents related to ARWEN and becomes the sole source provider for all ARWEN launchers and munitions.

Mark III

The Mark III version of ARWEN launchers enters production in Canada.

New Ownership

Police Ordnance Company Inc. is purchased by a private group of professional Operators with military and law enforcement backgrounds.

Kwesst Micro Systems Inc.

Police Ordnance Inc. is purchased by Kwesst Micro Systems Inc., with the entirety of the previous ownership remaining to oversee all aspects of ARWEN development, production and training.

ARWEN History

The ARWEN less lethal system was initially established by the British Crown Corporation, Royal Ordnance in 1977. 

In response to the operational needs of law enforcement and military, an examination was conducted into a system that would be able to deploy multiple less lethal rounds for riot control. The result of this devoted research and development was the ARWEN; one of the most reliable less lethal systems on the market today.

In 2001, the ARWEN less lethal system was acquired by Canadian based company, Police Ordnance and the success of the system continued. Once ARWEN was introduced to this new market, it was enthusiastically received becoming the premier less lethal launcher system for use by law enforcement. 

A new Legacy

A new team has acquired Police Ordnance and is excited about continuing the legacy of the ARWEN less lethal system. The corporate HQ and manufacturing will be moving to a new facility in the Greater Toronto Area, thus allowing for an expansion of all aspects of the company and ultimately enhancing service.

With an intention to take the system to the next level, this new ownership team has extensive operational experience in both law enforcement and military capacities. This renewed knowledge base will be utilized to support our customers in all aspects of less lethal, enhance instructional opportunities and create a continuous improvement organization based upon our Vision, Mission and Values.  

Our Commitment

Our team is committed to providing your agency the support it deserves and ensuring we hold ourselves accountable to our Vision of ensuring our clients have the most effective less lethal technologies to manage risk and protect human lives.